Inside IAA Intranet Homepage Redesign

Original Site

Structured Planning

This was an exercise to break down the parts of the intranet to find the key aspects of the site an exclude the unnecessary parts in the central navigation.


Taking from what was developed in the initial discover meeting I developed some concepts in illustrator to start initial concepts that included a slider, quick links, and customizable widgets.

Concept I

Concept II

Concept III

Concept VI


Iteration I

Starting to prototype the Intranet Concept

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Iteration II

Continued iteration of concept. Adding a color pallet and expanded features

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Final Iteration

Final iteration has a visually friendly container with more features like megameus and hover effects.

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Central Navigation

Mega Menu that is responsive.

Quick Links - Hover Feature

Informative links with Visual Hierarchy.

Body - Custom Widget

Area that is able to be molded into various forms based on the content.

Feature Recomendations

Custom Features

Giving the ability to customize certain features can give the user quicker access to highly used areas.

Fat Footer

Large footers give the user a final opportunity for navigation and a closure for the page.

Home Button

Creating a home button is essential for navigation. Currently the IAA logo does not always take the user back to the home page which can be confusing.

Universal Navigation

A lack of constancy on pages makes navigation confusing.


Creating a framework that adapts to the size of the browser is important making easy navigation throughout the site that can be adapted to and screen. Be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Visual Hierarchy

The original site has a lack of consistency with color pallets and a grid that created a lot of visual clutter. As a result all the information is fighting for attention at the same making it difficult to understand the content.