Old Work


I have never been interested in the mystique of art.

The kind that hides the dots of what lead the artist down the line to make certain decisions.

I enjoy showing my past work as a sort of time lapse that is always continuing to define the work I am doing today.

A mutual look

Asteroid Field

Blues Eyes

Burning Hope

Empty Poison

Falling Forward

Blue Labyrinth

Endless Stairway

Eternal Void



Falling Sideways

Fighting Agent Orange

Fixed Perspective

Green Globe Labyrinth

Internal Motion

Internal View

Moving truth

Magentic Motion

Messy Heart


New and Old

No Void

Sci-fi Nightmare

No Way

Shelters Abyss

Shifting Plates

Spot of Light

Some Help

Subconscious Jetpack

Tame Implications

To Escape the Mind

Tormented Hope

Which path

Which Way

Who's Looking

Year Long Wound