Year Long Wound

I remember looking back when drawing was more of an imperative to my survival than an outlet of self-expression.

Complex feelings can be hard to explain and even understand. I used drawing as a way to encrypt some enormous labyrinth that I had fallen into.

In this world that I had created color had huge significance. I had taken on blue to represents me and orange to represents my dreams. These two complimented each other but later in my travels I found the combination to be a mirage.

Here are a collection of drawings I did during a year long wound...

Stage I: Hypnotized The Fall

Stage II: Trapped The Struggle Back

Stage III: Lost The Undefined Path

Stage IV: Stuck Between Two Worlds

Stage V: Merging The Shift Forward

Stage VI: Closing Tormented Memories

Stage VII: Time Trapped Unfinished Resentment

Stage VIII: Ready To Escape The Mind

Stage IX: Labyrinth Fleeting Strength

Stage X: Subconscious Jetpack

Stage XI: Year Long Wound